Vinton A. Dearing earned his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. at Harvard University. He was an IBM, Guggenheim and Fulbright fellow and Phi Beta Kappa. As Professor of English and Computer Applications in Literature at the University of California, Los Angeles, he achieved an international reputation in three distinct fields of study.

  • Seventeenth and early Eighteenth Century English Literature: Professor Dearing served as a leading member of the team of scholars that produced the historic, 20-volume masterwork, The University of California Works of John Dryden, a project that spanned more than five decades.
  • Textual analysis: His contributions included breakthrough work on the use of computers to detect the minute differences in biblical texts that indicate their age and order.
  • The Bible: Professor Dearing could read biblical texts in Greek, Latin and Hebrew. His “The English Bible as Literature” classes were student favorites at UCLA for over 40 years.

Professor Dearing wrote The Great Physician: A Life of Jesus Christ in Light of Modern Spiritual Healing over a period of 20 years. He based his book on his independent translation of the Gospel’s original texts, his knowledge of The Bible, his love of teaching and his own personal experience.